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CZP-3 chain conveyor

This sawmill is designed to process thin as well as medium-sized logs with diameter up to 550 mm. As a result two two-sided flitches (max. thickness 200 mm) are obtained. Middle cutting head is fixed, and remaining side cutting heads may be adjusted manually or in option automatically. Basic model has main motors 7,5 kW but when processing logs with bigger diameter it is recommended to install 11 kW motor in the middle (also option). 

Technical data

  • length 5300 mm
  • width 2800 mm
  • height 2400 mm
  • chain conveyor height 860 mm
Weight 2200 kg
Dimensions of infeed workpiece
  • diameter within 150 ÷ 550 mm
  • length from 1200 to 3000 mm
Dimensions of obtained flitch minimal thickness 75 mm per side
Main motors power 3 x 8,1 kW
Power supply 400 V (3 phase)
Cutting heads slide in/out manual
Conveyor feed
  • smooth, inverter controlled
  • speed rate 4-9 m/min
Band wheels diameter 600 mm
Band saw specification
  • length 4400 mm
  • width 30 ÷ 42 mm
  • thickness up to 1,1 mm
Workpiece down-holder
  • on infeed pneumatic (1 unit)
  • on output plate (1 unit)
Controls suspended rotary control panel
Capacity per hour  up to 4 m3

Optional equipment

  • middle motor shift to 12 kW
  • electrical cutting heads slide in/out via controller
  • basic down-holder shift to wider one + third plate
  • chains built-in outlet feeder, extracting processed elements
  • pneumatic down-holder - additional