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CZP-4/A WZM chain conveyor

This sawmill is our response to market requirements, related to increasing efficiency; this machine may reach capacity up to 5 m3/h. With application of material feeding and processed material collecting conveyors, the output may reach even 10 m3/h – at the same time minimizing production costs.
Sawmill may work with small diameter logs and round wood up to 550 mm and 3000 mm long. Four cutting heads enable to process either one flitch with two planks on both sides or three flitches at once. Perfect stability of cut is warranted thanks to pneumatic down-holders. Standard machine is equipped with 8,1 kW motors, but optionally it is possible to install 4 x 12 kW or 2 x 12 kW in the middle and 2 x 8,1 kW on sides - depending on individual requirements.

Technical data

  • length  5700 mm
  • width 2800 mm
  • height 2400 mm
  • chain conveyor height 860 mm
Weight 2650 kg
Dimensions of infeed workpiece
  • diameter within 150 ÷ 550 mm
  • length from 1500 to 3000 mm
Dimensions of obtained flitch min. 85 mm
Main motors power 4 x 8,1 kW
Power supply 400 V (3 phase)
Cutting heads slide in/out manual
Conveyor feed
  • smooth, inverter controlled
  • speed rate 4-9 m/min
Band wheels diameter  600 mm
Band saw specification
  • length 4400 mm
  • width 30 ÷ 42 mm
  • thickness up to 1,1 mm
Workpiece down-holder
  • on infeed pneumatic (1 unit)
  • on output:
    • plate (1 unit)
    • pneumatic (1 unit)
Thickness of cut setting manual
Controls rotary suspended control panel 
Capacity per hour up to 7 m3

Optional equipment

  • workpiece extracting chains fitted in the output conveyor
  • additional pneumatic down-holders - 2 units
  • logs loading conveyor type LPW
  • main motor power 12 kW