Log loading conveyors

Economical Catalog Options

We offer a wide selection of 'catalog' feeders, which are an excellent choice for companies seeking efficient and economical solutions. Our products are designed with the diverse needs of the timber industry in mind, ensuring reliability and long-lasting performance.

Specialized Roller Feeders

Our roller feeders with centering function are ideal for use before a multi-saw, guaranteeing precision and effectiveness in the wood processing procedure. Versions with and without drive are available, allowing for customization to specific production requirements.

Roller Conveyors and Feeders – The Key to Efficiency in the Timber Industry

Sorting Functionality

Our innovative roller conveyors and feeders with material sorting functionality are solutions that enhance production efficiency by facilitating quick segregation of raw materials. This enables our clients to streamline their production processes.

Belt Conveyors and Feeders – Flexibility and Performance

Our belt conveyors and feeders are crafted with versatility and reliability at the forefront. Their integration into the production line ensures a smooth and continuous supply of material, crucial for sustaining high operational efficiency.

Custom Conveyors and Feeders on Demand – Tailored Solutions for Your Needs

Adaptation to Specific Requirements

Acknowledging the distinct needs of our clients, we offer the option to custom-order conveyors and feeders designed to meet specific dimensions, functionalities, and production demands.

Bespoke Conveyors and Feeders

Each made-to-order conveyor and feeder is engineered focusing on maximizing efficiency and enhancing the ergonomics of the workplace. Thus, our clients receive products that are seamlessly incorporated into their unique production workflows.

Mechanization Systems – Elevating Production in the Timber Industry

Ergonomics and Reduced Labor

Our comprehensive mechanization systems aim to maximize work ergonomics and diminish the necessity for manual labor, a critical factor in cost reduction.

Boost in Production Efficiency

Investing in our mechanization systems translates into a substantial enhancement of production efficiency, enabling clients to achieve superior outcomes more swiftly.

Advanced Technologies and Dependability – Why Opt for Wirex Conveyors and Feeders?

Cutting-Edge Technologies

We incorporate the latest technologies in the design of our conveyors and feeders, ensuring their high functionality and dependability. Our offerings are the culmination of extensive industry experience and a commitment to innovation.

Choosing Wirex

Opting for Wirex means selecting tried and tested solutions that promise enduring efficiency and reliability. Our conveyors and feeders stand as a testament to quality and pioneering spirit in the timber industry.