The WIREX Group is a multigenerational family firm with Polish roots. Our headquarters is located in the town of Kiełczygłów, in Łódź vivodeship. The company’s history dates back to 1990ties and it’s founders are Wiesław Ciura and Andrzej Iskra. At the beginning its main business involved the processing of wood raw materials. Later due to the growing need for the machines in the wood industry in 1991 the firm expanded into production of sawmill machines and devices based on application of band saws. In the following years the love for wood resulted in the development of more facilities dedicated to wood constructions, garden architecture and pellet production. Together, with the growth of the company over the last few years the sons of the owners have joined the executive team. At present WIREX group employs 200 people.

Kiełczygłów, is the location of our headquarters as well as the production of sawmill machines and devices. WIREX is involved in many advanced projects: from the production of professional lines for round wood sawing to cooperation with most demanding of customers – the Armed Forces. Everything is adapted to the individual needs of our clients. Investing in development, we are constantly broadening our possibilities, expanding both our design and production infrastructure. We have the most modern available technologies: welding, metal sheet working and anti-corrosion protection for steel. Our company is self-sufficient as regards of the production of parts worked mechanically on multi-operational CNC machine tools.

The motto ‘Wood is our passion…’ has accompanied us for many years and it is around that our work oscillates. We have the unique possibility to produce sawmill machines and devices which we test ourselves in our own facilities. The processing of round wood processing is taking care of the WIREX branch in Dzbanki, and it is there that the newest sawmill technologies are first introduced.  In this factory impregnated garden architecture, generally-used timber, planed elements, packaging elements, and the ecological fuel for the 21st century - pellets are produced. The development of production has not stopped us from taking ecology as one of the aims of our activities. We hold the FSC certificate, for mindful forest economy, and the confirmation of the highest quality of our pellet are the DIN A1 Plus and the ENplus certificates.

The timber we produce is processed at our third facility, WIREX Construction. It is here that we produce prefabricated roof trusses connected using nailed plates, trusses produced in the CNC carpentry center, wooden houses as well as construction and planed timber which has undergone process of drying in modern drying chambers. Our own design studio together with 3D drawing programs enables us to adapt almost every construction design for production in frame construction technology. The certified construction timber we produce is treated with substances which are harmless to human health and the environment. Its high flexibility is guaranteed by our own installation teams supported by our own stock.

We are incredibly happy that the 30 years of the effort that the founders, that the engagement of our staff, and the investment in the development of particular facilities have resulted in the recognition of the brand WIREX not only domestically but also all over the world. The trust of our clients and long term cooperation with sales representatives are the best confirmation of our reliability and integrity as a business partner.