Production lines

Modern Solutions for Every Business

At, we've recognized that the key to success in the timber industry is tailoring technology to meet the needs of each client. Regardless of your company's size, our production lines offer modern solutions that will enhance the efficiency and profitability of your operation.

Customization and Reliability

Our equipment not only guarantees high performance but is also equipped with next-generation technologies that can be customized to the individual needs of your business. We offer a wide range of machinery, from feeders and conveyors to loading ramps and specialized devices like band saw grinders.

Advanced Pallet Production Lines – The Heart of Your Manufacturing Process

Efficiency and Cost Reduction

Our pallet production machines are a key element that increases the efficiency of your manufacturing process. Automating the process not only saves time but also reduces costs associated with staff operation.

Reliability and Quality

Utilizing our production lines guarantees not only faster production but also higher quality of the final products. Sturdy construction and modern technologies ensure long-lasting, reliable operation of the machines.

Investing in Production Lines – The Key to Your Success

Automation and Quality Control

By opting for our production lines, you gain control over every stage of production. Process automation translates into greater efficiency, better quality management, and reduced labor costs.

Adapting to the Changing Market

Investing in modern production lines allows for quick adaptation to changing market conditions, which is crucial for maintaining your company's competitiveness.

Choosing the Right Production Line – How to Tailor Technology to Your Needs?

Company Specific Analysis

To choose the right production line, it's important to understand the specifics of your company. We offer consultancy in selecting the line that best meets your production requirements – whether for standard or custom pallet dimensions.

Adaptation to Spatial Conditions

Our production lines are designed with flexibility and efficient space utilization in mind. We provide support in installation planning to maximize the use of available production space.

The Latest Technologies in the Production Line – Your Company's Competitive Advantage

Innovation and Energy Efficiency

Investing in the latest technologies not only speeds up the production process but also saves energy. Our production lines are equipped with solutions that minimize energy consumption, lowering operating costs.

Automation and Improved Production Quality

Automation systems in our production lines reduce the need for human intervention, resulting in faster and more precise production and reducing the risk of errors.

Advanced Sawing Lines with Horizontal Band Saws – Innovation and Ergonomics in Wood Processing

Versatility and Precision

Our sawing lines equipped with horizontal band saws are synonymous with innovation and precision. The application of advanced mechanization for loading and unloading processes significantly increases work efficiency while minimizing the need for manual intervention.

Control and Efficiency with PLC System

All our lines are equipped with an advanced PLC system with an intuitive touchscreen display, allowing for real-time monitoring of all machine parameters. This gives you full control over the sawing process, increasing efficiency and safety at work.

Application Flexibility

Our sawing lines are ideal not only for pallet production but also for processing garden wood and structural elements, such as battens or counter-battens. Thanks to the versatility of our solutions, you can easily adjust production processes to your individual needs.