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Belt conveyor 6 m

perfect match for sawmill equipped with drag-back boards system. What’s more when lined up with hydraulic lift table it substantially increases ergonomics of staff responsible for processed material collection. Conveyor is also available in shorter version witch may be hydraulically adjusted (up/down). If limited with space in production site, such short 1,4 m long belt conveyor is a perfect solution.

Technical data

  • length 5720 mm,
  • width 1145 mm,
  • height (inclined construction)  - 1220 mm
Weight 690 kg
Power supply 400 V (3-phase)
Transport belt dimensions 11300 x 725 mm
Convetyor with tilted construction
  • conveyor infeed height equal to the height of band sawmill frame
  • conveyor outlet higher - stacking timber piles up to ca. 1,2 m

Optional equipment

  • sawmill CZ-1/WZM in full option