Stół rolkowy stanowi uzupełnienie wyposażania do pilarki CZ-1/WZM

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Roller conveyor with sorting function

Roller conveyor with option of sorting workpiece sideways may be applied in horizontal woodworking lines. 

Conveyor works best when aligned with CZ-1/WZM equipped with a short belt conveyor (1,4 m long) for cut elemens extraction upon vertical support with cutting head backwards movement. Conveyor is also equipped with leftward/rightward sorting chains that depending on operator's decision extract workpiece sideways. Such solution siginificantly increases capacity of work, lightens work and reduces number of staff that handles with workpiece on the output.  

If required, it is also possible to adjust this conveyor so it worked not only sideways but so it could transport straightward certain workpiece, to have it cut i.e. on multirip saw.  

Technical data

  • length 7000 mm,
  • width 1600 mm (width with workpiece magazines on sides 4500 mm)
  • height 1000 mm, adjustable
Weight 1000 kg
Work span possible left/right side sorting of workpiece within lengths 2000 ÷ 6500 mm
Conveyor feed powered rollers with constant speed rate
Other information our offer includes different lengths of roller conveyor, depending on the workpiece length