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Low-level loading conveyor RZ/CZ-1

designed to load logs on sawmill frame - it serves as a workpiece magazine. Perfect addition to our sawmills type CZ-1/ZM  and CZ-1/WZM, which increases output and capacity of whole set.

Low-level loading conveyor is a perfect solution when cutting logs longer than 6,5 - 7 m (as for these lengths its elevate version - RZ/CZ-1 is applied) This device has a multi-purpose application among others when we are limited with space on our production site or when randomly cutting very long logs - in such case low-level loading conveyor serves as a workpiece "stock" and there is no collision upon loading longer logs. 

Technical data

  • length 4800 mm (loading space 4000 mm)
  • width 2220 mm
  • height 260 mm on working space
Weight 720 kg
Other information
  • 3 chain tracks with in-between distance of 800|1200 mm
  • hydraulic power system