pilarka taśmowa CZP-2
pilarka taśmowa CZP-2
pilarka taśmowa CZP-2
pilarka taśmowa CZP-2
pilarka taśmowa CZP-2
trak taśmowy CZP-2
trak taśmowy CZP-2
trak taśmowy CZP-2

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CZP-2 chain conveyor

This sawmill is designed to process thin logs with length up to 3 m. As a result one two-sided cant is obtained. This machine may be applied in pallet production facilities.

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Technical data

  • length 4900 mm
  • width 1600 mm
  • height 1950 mm
  • chain conveyor height 860 mm
Weight   1200 kg
Dimensions of infeed workpiece
  • diameter up to 400 mm
  • length from 500 to 3000 mm       
Dimensions of obtained flitch min. 55 mm
Main motors power 2 x 6 kW
Power supply 400 V (3 phase)                                       
Cutting heads slide in/out manual
Conveyor feed
  • smooth, inverter controlled
  • speed rate 4-9 m/min
Band wheels diameter   600 mm
Band saw specification
  • length 4000 mm
  • width 30 ÷ 42 mm
  • thickness up to 1,1 mm
Workpiece down-holder
  • on infeed pneumatic (1 unit)
  • on output plate (1 unit)
Capacity per hour up to 4,5 m3

Optional equipment

  • motors shift to 2 x 8,1 kW
  • electrical cutting heads slide in/out via controller
  • extended cutting span up to  550 mm (band saw blade 4400 mm)