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Sawmill CZP-2/ZM with Off-cuts Collecting Feeder may process logs with diameter up to 420 mm. As a result we obtain one two-sided flitch (max. thickness 400 mm) and two off-cuts that gravitationally fall  down onto collecting feeder. Innovative application of tilted cutting heads optimizes process of cut and at the same time decrease motors load during cutting each successive log. In option it is possible to upgrade this device to automated industrial version that may function as compliment of automatic round wood processing lines.


Technical data

  • length 8700 mm
  • width 2350 mm
  • height 2400 mm
  • chain conveyor height 900 mm
Weight  3200 kg
Dimensions of infeed workpiece
  • diameter up to 420 mm
  • length from 1200 up to 3000 mm
Dimensions of obtained flitch min. 75 mm
Main motors power 2 x 12 kW
Power supply 400V (3 phase)
Cutting heads slide in/out electrical via controller
Conveyor feed
  • smooth, inverter controlled
  • speed rate 4-15 m/min
Band wheels diameter 700 mm
Band saw specification
  • length 4800 mm
  • width 30 ÷ 42 mm
  • thickness up to 1,3 mm
Implemented technologies
  • log rotation system built-in main chain conveyor in front of cutting heads
  • tilted cutting heads for optimal cut
Workpiece down-holder
  • on infeed pneumatic (1 unit)
  • on output:
    • plate (1 unit)
    • pneumatic (3 units)
Capacity per hour up to 7 m3

Optional equipment

  • 7 inch touch control panel
  • inverters to main motors 2 x 12 kW
  • main motors 2 x 16 kW with extended cutting capacity (workpiece diameter within 150 ÷ 550 mm and maximal length 1200 mm)
  • off-cuts collecting conveyor
  • edgings transporter (each section 8 m long)
  • industrial 3-chain track loading conveyor 8 m long