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Sawdust extraction single Big-Bag

Stationary sawdust extractors are designed to remove dry and wet sawdust and loose materials that do not pose an explosive hazard from the woodworking process. Application of extraction guarantees increased comfort of work, improves the quality of sawing and reduces the time spent on cleaning the workplace.

Technical data

Work span diameter of connections (outlets) is determined individually, possibility to use more than two connections
Main motors power
  • 2,2 kW (standard)
  • 4 kW (available option)
Power supply 400 V (3 phase)
Bags dimensions
  • Top:
    • ⌀ 1 m
    • height 1,5 m
  • Bottom:
    • ⌀ 1 m
    • height 1,3 m (BigBag)
Other information
  • Dynamically balanced steel impeller for quiet and vibration-free operation,
  • quick fixing of the extraction and filtration bag,
  • BIG-BAG bags are equipped with a drain flap covering the entire bottom surface, which enables convenient dumping of sawdust from the bag
  • 4 wheels fixed to the base to ensure the mobility of the extractor,
  • a stable, steel support structure and mobile base,
  • mounting of bags by means of clamping straps
Capacity per hour max. 3500 m3