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NATO Stock Number: 3220430026454

An innovative band sawmill with most advanced technological solutions applied. It is a highly professional device with construction that enables fast and efficient hauling either on public roads or  varied terrain. Process of cut is not limited to direct power supply form electrical network at construction site, as this sawmill has built-in power generator for performance in any field conditions.

The greatest praise is that Polish Army, who at the same time is the Ordering Party of Military Sawmill, recognized the applied technological solutions as universal, effective and requiring a minimal number of people to operate. Such approval and numerous custom solutions designed by our engineer’s department have led to obtaining three patents and registering whole sawmill’s construction as a utility model.

This sawmill is equipped with an unusual devices, among others: two debarkers and two side edgers, where upon one cut an edged plank may be obtained. All it takes to have a ready plank is to use side edgers while cutting. In single pass of cutting head ready-to-use material is obtained.

Technical data

  • transport length: 8930 mm
  • length with bed extension: 13500 mm
  • width: 2488 mm
  • height: 2552 mm
Weight 6500 kg
Log diameter 150 ÷ 800 mm
Length of cut (standard) 2000 ÷ 7000 mm
  • main motor power 18,5 kW
  • power demand 30 kW
  • power supply network 400 V
  • built-in power generator
Band saw specification
  • length 5400 mm
  • width 38 ÷ 40 mm
  • pitch 22,2 mm
  • kerf 1,1 ÷ 1,27 mm
Implemented technologies
  • servo motors
  • proportional hydraulics
  • heating and cooling of electrical box
  • heating and cooling of hydraulic system
  • leaser technology for workpiece measurement
  • PLC control
  • EBS - electronic breaking system
Temperature range of work
  • storage from -40ºC up to +70ºC
  • work from -30ºC up to +55ºC
  • 7'' touch panel
  • 2 multifunctional joysticks
  • blade tension
  • chain log turner - 2 units
  • sideway elements drop system - 1 unit
  • loading arm - 1 unit
  • levelling roller - 1 unit
  • frame support feet - 4 units
  • clamp - 1 unit 
  • resist stanchions - 6 units