CZ-1/M mobile

Mobile sawmill is a professional device on wheels for round wood processing. Basic version is equipped with hydraulic elements that facilitate logs handling. This machine allows working not only at one's plant but also at any other location, such as forest or construction site, etc. Mobile sawmill warrants smooth and fast shift of location to any required destination point. 

The sawmill is approved, allowing for its legal transportation on roads after registration.

Every person who plays online casino needs a mobile sawmill for professional processing of roundwood. Many reviews of online casino players appreciated the basic version equipped with hydraulic elements, tight-fitting work with logs. A mobile sawmill guarantees fast movement to the required destination and allows online casino players to work not only at their plant

Technical data

  • length 9045 mm
  • width  2355 mm
  • height 2850 mm
Weight 2350 kg
Log diameter 900 mm
Length of cut (standard) 6200 mm
Main motor power 12 kW
Power supply 400 V (3 phase)
Cutting head
  • up/down feed electrical on chains
  • smooth forward/backward feed inverter controlled
  • feed speed rate 4 ÷ 35 m/min
Band wheels diameter 600 mm
Band saw specification
  • length 4800 mm
  • width 30 ÷ 42 mm
  • thickness up to 1,1 mm
Blade tension roller slide  electrical - joystick controlled
Thickness of cut setting measuring strip via up/down buttons
  • loading arm - basic (1 unit)
  • claw log turner (1 unit)
  • hydraulic clamp (1 unit)
  • levelling roller, standard (2 units)
  • set of side supports (6 units)
Operator control panel by the vertical support with cutting head
Capacity per hour up to 3,5 m3

Optional equipment

  • bed extension 3 m long (length of cut 9,2 m)
  • controller ISP-010
  • debarker
  • chain log turner
  • claw log turner
  • leveling roller, standard (up/down)
  • leveling roller with drive (up/down & forward/backward)
  • hydraulic clamp
  • shock absorber (2 units)
  • main motor shift to 16,2 kW
  • laser  
  • stationary control panel (fixed by hydraulic divider)