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Bandsaw Winterstieger FLEX-BACK

Flex-Back is a blade with tempered teeth tips and a flexible body; the teeth tips are tempered up to 60 - 62 HRC, and body up to 38 HRC. Due to teeth tips hardness a long lifespan of blade is warrnated - even when cutting hard materials, the flexibility and special shape of the teeth limit 'flowing' of the blade stress and therefore the danger of breakage.

Technical data

Band saw ground, ready-to-work
Available lengths
  • 4004 mm
  • 4400 mm
  • 4800 mm
  • 5400 mm
  • other lengths available on order
Width 38 mm
Thickness 1,1 mm
  • 22 mm
  • profile 10/30
  • via courier, Monday to Friday
  • quantity: unspecified