Vertical tripple band sawmill CZP-3 with belt conveyor is designed to process one- or two-sided flitches into form of pallet boards, battens, floorboards, and other elements. Input width is no more than 500 mm, and cutting heads maximal extension is 350 mm. 

If required, it is possible to shift belt conveyors into chain feeder (for processing round wood). After such alteration we obrain two flitches with two off cuts. To check this option click here and find it on our website.



  • length  6300 mm
  • width   2800 mm
  • height  2200 mm
  • belt conveyor height 860 mm
    2000 kg
Flitch dimensions
  • height 350 mm
  • width to 350 mm
  • length up to 3000 mm
Min. thickness of plank
    25 mm
Main motors power
    3 x 5,5 kW
Power consumption and power supply
    18 kW                                                                        400 V (3 phase)
    pneumatic x 1
Heads extension
Belt conveyor feed
  • inverter controlled
  • speed 4-9 m/min
Band wheel diameter
    600 mm
Band saw length
    4004 mm
Capacity per hour
    up to 4,5 m3

Additional equipment

  • Shift of main motors to 7,5 kW

  • Spring down-holder, additional

  • Automatic head extension mechanism with controller

  • Shift of belt conveyor into chain feeder (possible to cut round wood)