A scrubber is an automatic wet dust collector designed to filter fine dust from the air. The bulk fill dust collector uses one or more floating beds with hollow polypropylene balls as bulk fill material.

The seamless hollow balls are pressurized and have a density of approximately 0.100 g/cm³, so can float on all liquids. The thickness of the walls is such that the scrubber can withstand even the toughest working conditions.

Nozzles are placed above the floating bed and spray water. The remaining water, entrained upwards by the flow, is separated from the current by a PVC vane-type droplet separator.

The machine has been designed, built and tested so it can be used without residual risk arising from its start-up, use, transportation, installation, assembly and disassembly, maintenance and repair.

The technologies chosen during the design phase, the high quality of the materials used in construction, the meticulous workmanship of the parts, correct assembly and strict testing and inspection, all make it highly reliable over time.


Machine features

Ease of inspection
The scrubber is fitted with three inspection hatches, which can be removed. This makes it extremely easy to replace the droplet separators and the floating balls, carry out maintenance and control the internal parts.

Solid structure
The machine has been designed for heavy duty and is therefore constructed in materials, which allow it to be classified as a “machine for continuous operation”.

Longer, more efficient life
The advantage of this kind of separation process lies in the dynamic action of the balls, which are constantly agitated by the flow and prevent the build-up of deposits which can lead to clogging. This guarantees a longer and more efficient life for the scrubber.