Mechanical cleaning filters

The filters in the MS/MCL range are fabric dust collectors which are suitable for continuous operation. The filtering bags are cleaned by shaking and the material is discharged into bags or a hopper fitted with raking system.

They can be used for gases containing extremely fine dust and have a high collection rate, even for particles down to one tenth of a micron in size.

The MS filter can be used at a maximum working temperature of 130°C whereas the MCL filter, which uses special fabrics, can be used at temperatures of over 200 °C.

The filters have been designed, built and tested so they can be used without residual risk arising from their start-up, use, transportation, installation, assembly and disassembly, maintenance and repair.

The technologies chosen during the design phase, the high quality of the materials used in construction, the meticulous workmanship of the parts, correct assembly and strict testing and inspection, all make them highly reliable over time.


Filter features

Compact size
The gas distribution headers and intake manifolds are incorporated in the dust collector body

Modular design
The system is made up of modular cells. This makes it easy to transport and assemble the dust collector, and add on any extensions if desired after installation. 
It also means that plants fitted with the PF filter can be easily enlarged as well as centralized so that several polluting sources converge onto a single filter. The end walls of the dust collector have actually been designed so additional filter cells can be added.

Ease of inspection
The dust collector is fitted with large inspection hatches which can be accessed from the roof or from the hopper under the cells. This makes it extremely easy to perform maintenance and control the internal parts.

Even distribution of the dusty fluid
The section of the channel of the PF filter which carries the dusty fluid to the filter gets gradually smaller and smaller from the fluid manifold connector.
This feature, together with the configuration of the channel, ensures the dusty fluid is distributed evenly over all the cells, whether they are located near the connection between the filter and the fluid intake manifold, or further away from the filter manifold flange.

Solid structure
The MS/MCL filter range has been designed for heavy duty so is normally constructed in carbon steel sheet or, if requested, in stainless steel of appropriate thickness, which allows it to be classified as a “machine for continuous operation”.

The filters are made of bolted or welded panels depending on the specific features of the installation, taking into consideration the space available on site, ease of transportation and, generally, the order in which the different sections will be handled during assembly.