The magnetic separator drum is a machine which separates and discharges ferromagnetic parts from aggregates.
It is designed, built and tested so it can be used without residual risk arising from its start-up, use, transportation, installation, assembly and disassembly, maintenance and repair.

The technologies chosen during the design phase, the high quality of the materials used in construction, the meticulous workmanship of the parts, correct assembly and strict testing and inspection, all make the system highly reliable over time.

The magnetic separator drum is designed to separate and discharge ferromagnetic material from various types of agglomerates: dust, sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips, refined and crushed material, mixed together or homogeneous. It is inserted in a production cycle with automatic feeding and discharging.

The system is designed to operate continuously (24 hours a day). The start/stop function of the machine is normally controlled by a centralized system equipped with the relevant functions for the specific purpose of the machine.

Features of this kind of product

Adjustment and calibration
The conveyor cycle can be adjusted according to the needs of the system the machine is connected to.

Solid structure
This machine has been designed for heavy duty and is therefore constructed in materials which allow it to be classified as a “machine for continuous operation”.