We design and manufacture feeding systems for plants or individual machines on commission.

We design and build:

  • Extractor units with flanges
  • Multiple screw extractor units
  • Spring and blade scrapers
  • Disc separators/scalpers

The machines are designed to extract different products (dust, sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips, refined or crushed materials) which may be mixed up or homogeneous and previously stored in bunkers, silos or on the ground.

The feeding systems are designed, built and tested so they can be used without residual risk arising from their start-up, use, transportation, installation, assembly and disassembly, maintenance and repair.

The technologies chosen during the design phase, the high quality of the materials used in construction, the meticulous workmanship of the parts, correct assembly and strict testing and inspection, all make the system highly reliable over time.

The system is designed to operate continuously (24 hours a day).

The start/stop function of the machine is normally controlled by a centralized system equipped with the relevant functions for the specific purpose of the machine.

Features of this kind of product

Ease of inspection

The extraction systems are designed to make it extremely easy to perform maintenance and control the internal parts.

Agglomerate extraction

The structure of the extractor unit is such that the agglomerate is discharged gradually.

This feature, together with the structural configuration of the extractor unit, helps ensure the agglomerate is extracted uniformly. This also increases the probabilities of choice, especially in systems where the amount of extracted product must be controlled.

Adjustment and calibration 

The extraction cycle can be adjusted according to the needs of the system the extractor unit is connected to. The calibration device is part of the motor drive unit. This device is accessed in manual systems by activating MANUAL on the motor otherwise remotely or in the AUTOMATIC mode using an inverter control or amperometer for special systems.

In other words it is possible to “calibrate” each extractor unit to meet the specific needs and features of the particular installation, taking full advantage of the characteristics of the machine and thus obtaining  optimal performance every time.

Solid structure

The extractor unit has been designed for heavy duty and the materials normally used in its construction allow it to be classified as a “MACHINE FOR CONTINUOUS OPERATION”.

Projektujemy i produkujemy systemy podawania dla całych systemów lub poszczególnych maszyn.


  • Ekstraktory
  • Ekstraktory ślimakowe
  • Spring and blade scrapers
  • Disc separators/scalpers