OL.D 52

Operating principle of the OL.D

The material to be pressed is loaded into the mini silo. It is fed into the press by a cone-shaped auger, which introduces the material directly into the mechanical compacting chamber. A piston then presses the material through the extruder, which is held tight by the piston clamp. Thanks to the friction generated by the pressure of the piston clamp, the material undergoes final compression, producing the briquette.

Construction features of the OL.D 52 press

1 load-bearing base frame for mini silo Ø900 H900 mm;
1 oil tank for the hydraulic control unit;
1 mechanical press with compression head and extruder, mounted beside the mini silo;
1 hopper with feeding screw;
1 hydraulic unit comprising solenoid valves, gear pumps, plates and hydraulic pipes;
1 electric control panel. Three-phase line power supply 380V-50Hz.





Hourly production rate

30 - 50 kg/h

Briquette diameter (Ø)

50 mm

Installed power

4+1,5+0,75 kw

Maximum moisture content of material

15-18 %

Machine dimensions

1250x1720 H1550 mm


960 kg