This edger is designed so it could be fitted in broadly defined production scope. It allows not only to cut wide elements – up to 650 mm, but also very short planks or off-cuts that are 800 mm long. Such flexibility enables to maximize output and reduce waste amount as well. Edger’s construction allows for smooth production profile change-over and built-in controller for fast blades slide in/out (automatic dimension setting).


  • length 6800 mm
  • width 1500 mm
  • height 1700 mm
  • belt conveyor height 850 mm
    1100 kg
Flitch/plank dimensions
  • height up to 100 mm
  • input width up to 500 mm (width of cut 75 - 350 mm)
  • length from 1000 to 3000 mm
Control panel
    on stand
Main motors power
    2 x 6,5 kW
Power consumption
    20 kW
Power supply
    400 V (3 phase)
Heads extension
Belt conveyor
  • inverter controlled
  • speed 4-15 m/min
Kerf thickness
    5 ÷ 6 mm
Circular saw diameter
    from 200 to 450 mm
Capacity per hour
    up to 3 m3

Optional equipment 

  • Laser

  • Electrical cutting heads extension with controller

  • Third circular saw (extended input width up to 600 mm, with minimal workpiece length of 2000 mm)