Let us introduce you to our WIREX Group. Headquarter is located in Kiełczygłów, Piotrkowska 14 Str, near Wieluń and Bełchatów.

For over 25 years we have been leading domestic producer of wood working machines based solely on band saw application.  Efficiency and reliability of our products has been confirmed with numerous prizes and medals both in Poland and abroad.

As the time has passed we developed other woodworking branches. In 1993 we have launched lumber mill composed of our sawmills exclusively. Presently, wood working machines production department represents 50% of WIREX Group sales. Our target market is mostly set on small and medium-sized plants that process annually from 100m3 to 35 000,00 m3.

Applied technologies and solutions are equally advanced if compared to other worldwide manufacturers. What we may warrant is if you decide to purchase one of our products you choose best quality for reasonable price. As our goal is customer’s satisfaction we are able to adjust to individual requirements of each and every client.

WIREX machines and devices offer a wide range of advantages, such as:

  • low cost of installation and preparation of place where its meant to operate,

  • power supply for the devices is very low, so there is no need of transformer station,

  • instant operation on the machine just after installation,

  • better quality of sawn timber in comparison to traditional frame sawmills,

  • decreased waste amount.

With best regards,
Wiesław Ciura